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- Calming physically and mentally
Life changes/ life events (Divorce, Marriage, Adoption, etc.)
- Different perspectives
- Processing in a safe and supportive environment
Autism Spectrum, Non-verbal learning, Pervasive Developmental, and Learning disorders
- Sensory stimulation, integration
- Fine motor and gross motor control practice
- Nonverbal communication
- Alternative brain stimulation- new neural pathways created
- Topics such as the following can be covered in a visual and kinsethetic manner, which can aide in understanding and subsequent incorporation into daily life
-- Body language
-- Facial expressions
-- Social interactions
-- Conversation
-- Executive functing skills
-- Social cues and expectations, etc.
-- Body regulation
Anxiety, Mood, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders, and Hoarding
- Outlet for emotions
- Build self-esteem through successful art making
- Structured, nonconfrontational, nonverbal, unintimidating, calming approach
- Objectively explore thoughts using alternative brain mechanisms
- Art object as success, productive, tangible product
- Transition through all the grieving stages supported
Attention-Deficit Disorders
- Artwork is calming, immediately gratifying, and focusing
Behavior disorders
- Safe and controlled outlet for anger and agressive tendencies
- Objective exploration of behaviors
- Build confidence through success
Attachment disorders
- Artwork becomes a transitional object to build/change attachments
Post-Traumatic Stress disorders and Bullying
- Visual memory rather than verbal memory helps safely access and process traumatic memories
- Art object or paper provides structure to hold traumatic memories, giving them less power and control
Rehabilitation (Cardiac, Stroke, Brain Trauma, etc.)
- Art making is calming in a way that helps the heart heal
- Master's Thesis research premilinarily demonstrating an improvement in heart rate variability
- Artwork stimulates the brain
- Gross and fine motor skill practice
Gay, lesbian, bi, queer, transgender
- Art can provide a safe and non-judgmental space to explore sexuality and gender identity

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